To all sex workers:

There should soon be a new law on prostitution in Germany. It will very likely come into force in early 2016.

How will the new law affect you?

OBLIGATION TO REGISTER: You will have to register in person with a public authority beforehand and will be checked for your “reasoning”. Otherwise, you may not work in prostitution. You will have to repeat this every two years; those under 21 will actually have to do this again every year.

COMPLULSORY CONSULTATION: You will have to go to a “medical consultation” with a doctor beforehand. Otherwise, you may not work in prostitution.

PROSTITUTE PASSPORT: In future, you will have to submit your registration certificate (“prostitute passport”) to the public authorities.

CONTINUOUS MONITORING: If you are over 21, you will have to repeat the “medical consultation” every year and the registration every second year. If you are under 21, you will have to go to the “medical consultation” twice a year and renew your registration every year. Otherwise, you may not work in prostitution.

MONITORING using OPERATORS and POLICE: In the future, you will have to give all important data (name, address, duration of the activity…) to the operator of your establishment. He will pass it on to the local authorities for monitoring. The police may in future check the establishment in which you work at any time unannounced.

LICENSING OBLIGATION: In future, you will need a special permit if you jointly work with other sex workers in an apartment. Many sex workers will not be able to comply with the conditions for this at all.
The new regulations should apply to all sex workers – regardless of whether you work in a large building or at your own expense in an apartment.

Anyone who infringes these provisions will have to pay a high FINE. Migrant women may be threatened with DEPORTATION from Germany.

For sex workers, the planned law will mean: disenfranchisement, deprivation of rights and destruction of livelihood!

In addition: the obligation to register, compulsory consultation and continuous monitoring will involve a long data trail with doctors, public authorities, operators, the police and with security services. The result: compulsory outing!

With the condom obligation for prostitution clients also planned, this will give the impression that prostitution is a serious health “risk”. Clients will be scared off, the earnings of sex workers purposefully undermined.

We intend to organise a KEY PROTEST CAMPAIGN against this:

Frankfurt am Main, Saturday, 13 June 2015
11.55 am, Opernplatz

It is important for all sex workers to be informed.

It is important for German and foreign sex workers to take to the streets together for their rights.

It is important that you know: Everyone and everybody counts!

Therefore: Support the protest against the new law planned on prostitution.
Everybody come – from every city – to Frankfurt on Saturday, 13 June 2015:
11.55 am, Opernplatz!

Get information from Doña Carmen.